Will’s not pleased to hear Nic’s decision. Brian’s not pleased to hear Matt’s decision.

Radio Times: Fallon’s friends rally round and Brian tries some hard bargaining.

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  • Will’s not in the best of moods when Brian points out that some of the game birds are on the road, and when Nic comes to say that she’s off to the Bull because she’s bored being alone in the house, his mood doesn’t improve. He insists that she needs time for herself now Mia’s at school, but for Nic, the isolation of Casa Nueva has little appeal.
  • Following the BL meeting, Brian seeks out Lilian, but finds Matt home alone. Brian makes it clear that a seat for Lilian on the board is a non-starter; they’ll make Matt a generous offer for the land, but that’s all. Matt knows he has the upper hand, and when Brian mentions conflict of interests and accuses Matt of sailing too close to the wind, Matt refuses to discuss it any more. Either Lilian joins the board or he won’t sell.
  • At the pub, Jazzer rather ungraciously accepts a meal from Harry in return for helping him move. Harry’s finished the website apart from a link to the village website. A miserable Fallon appears, having had to do the orders for Jolene, and realising that she can’t accept Pip’s invitation to the band to play at the barn dance, because she’s got no time to practise. It’s the ideal moment for Harry to show her the website.
  • Will decides to check on Nic, so calls at the Bull just as she and Harry are crouched over the Bull’s computer. Nic takes him aside for a word; since Fallon’s under such pressure, she’d like to help by doing more shifts. It would get her out of the house, too. With an effort, Will agrees, but when Nic tells Fallon, Will makes it very clear that he’ll be the one to decide the hours she works.
  • Fallon’s very relieved to hear Nic’s decision, and when Harry says he’ll sort out the guest beers, she’s delighted. Then Harry shows her the messages of support on the site. Fallon is almost speechless; maybe the Bull has a future after all.

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