Kenton puts on a brave front and a spam stew.

Radio Times: Pip makes party plans and has Kenton outstayed his welcome?

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  • The Pargetter clan has given the Cathedral plan the collective once-over, and it appears that they are all very impressed, Nigel in particular by the glamorous Latin teacher, Miss Whittaker. Kenton, in lively mood, offers to cook supper; spam stew.
  • While Ruth takes care of a calving, Pip goes to the Young Farmers’ AGM. Ruth nags David about making arrangements for Jill’s 80th birthday. The problem is Kenton; do they invite Kathy and Jamie or not? Ruth decides to ring Elizabeth. David is, as ever, deeply scornful of his brother’s situation and manner of dealing with it.
  • Kenton’s catering is insufficient for the whole family, so Elizabeth cooks fish fingers for the children. Ruth rings to enquire, in her most hushed and caring tones, what the Kenton/Kathy situation is. With Kenton in the background, Elizabeth has to be careful what she says.
  • Nigel does his best to get Kenton to talk about his problems, without much success. He does say that he’s texted Jamie, but hasn’t contacted Kathy. Meanwhile Kenton’s keen to have a boys’ night with Nigel.
  • Pip returns full of news. She’s been elected to the dizzying heights of assistant social secretary, and has promptly offered Brookfield as the venue for a barn dance. Remembering his own YF days, David gives a flat refusal. Ruth’s less opposed; maybe Jonathan will be there, and his romance with Pip rekindled.
  • The spam stew has not agreed with Nigel, but he’s happy with the new plan for the twins’ education. Now all they’ve got to worry about is Kenton. And that’s going to take time.

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