Kathy may have regrets opting for such a quiet Christmas; no-one believes her.

Radio Times: Kathy ploughs a lone furrow.

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  • Ruth is giving Bluebell some TLC. She’s coming along fine now. David is chipper – he’s got Bert to agree to the Boxing Day early milking. But now he’s off to Borchester to do some last minute shopping.
  • Pat and Kathy discuss plans for Pat’s impending 50th – there aren’t any. Kathy is moaning a little about her many late shifts / childcare arrangements this week. But she’s booked a Horrobin to baby-sit tomorrow. Well at least Susan has. She’ll find out which one when she calls round to Emma with some Further Education information. She then turns down, a little wistfully, Pat’s offer of Christmas Day at Bridge Farm.
  • Clarrie, delivering a message to Pat, diffidently makes the same offer – Christmas Day at Keepers cottage. Kathy is obviously touched by Clarrie’s kindness but refuses, protesting that she and Jamie will be quite happy on their own.
  • In the locked dining room at Brookfield, Ruth and David are gloating over the piano Jill and Phil have bought Pip….she’s going to be so thrilled. Ruth is also thrilled, though whether over Christmas or the new baby she can’t quite decide.
  • At Ambridge Hall Jamie and Kathy are helping Kathy decorate her huge ‘authentically Victorian’ Christmas tree, complete with gilded walnuts! Lynda is pleased that Kathy has persuaded Emma to think about college courses, and wishes that Leonie – 9 years older than Emma, at 27, had some direction in her life. Even Coriander is suspected of coming for Christmas just to show off her new boyfriend, and not really because she wants to see her father. Lynda wants to keep everything happy; Robert was peeved enough about the Grundy turkeys. She tells Kathy about Ed losing his job. Now Kathy feels mean about turning down Clarrie’s offer. Lynda, however, is beginning to envy her her quiet Christmas!
  • Ruth and David are pleased he managed to get some extra stuff for the children for Christmas, but he’s not giving away what he’s got her for Christmas. They are looking forward very much to Chris and George’s party tonight. Ruth tells him to wait until he sees what George has bought the birthday girl!
  • Pat and Clarrie are getting in the Christmas spirit – literally. They’ve had a long, yoghurt filled day. Clarrie’s not complaining though, at least she’s got a job. They discuss Kathy’s Christmas day plans. Do they believe here when she says they will be happy on their own ? Do they heck.

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