What a tangled web we weave … and what a silly place to weave it, at the races.

Radio Times: A close call at the races.

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  • Greg and Helen are looking forward to a treasured day off and a day at the races, though he hasn’t been able to resist checking up on William before he left. Caroline and Oliver are also setting off for the races (can’t you just see where this is heading?) and she too hasn’t been able to stop herself popping into Grey Gables to make sure that Lynda’s on task! Caroline is waxing lyrical about the treat of the day ahead and Oliver promises many more treats to come … including going with him to Budapest in the spring.
  • At the races Brian and Siobhán are animatedly discussing form. She claims to know of the Irish horse, with odds of 10-1, in the next race, and persuades Brian to back it. He treats her to her stake.
  • There follows a sequence of ‘spotting’ … Greg spots Brian, but not whom he’s with; Oliver spots Siobhán, but not whom she’s with.
  • The Irish horse wins, to Siobhán’s great jubilation. Brian has put £100 on for her, she’s won over £1000 and goes off to collect her winnings … where she bumps into Greg and spins him a story about being there with a group of translators. Meanwhile Brian very awkwardly bumps into Caroline.
  • The net is closing in and when the philandering couple see all four of their neighbours heading their way, Siobhán panics … there’s only one thing to do … run!

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