Kathy runs a successful cookery demonstration and Kate rings from South Africa

Radio Times: Kathy’s life develops organically.

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  • Kathy and Pat are getting ready for the organic cooking demonstration at the shop – even Borchester Echo and Borchester Radio maybe coming. Kathy’s heard from Usha that she has heard from Sid’s solicitor, he is suggesting a clean break because Kathy seems to be in employment. Pat and Kathy agree that is silly. Kathy can’t work full time with Jamie so young.
  • Roy and Haley are still decorating but have let the brushes dry out, Roy’s forgotten the paint anyway. He seems to be forgetting everything. Hayley decides to take Phoebe to choose the stencils while Roy gets the paint and does some work for Caroline.
  • Brenda is recording the pork sizzling in the shop. The demonstration went well and should definitely be covered on Borchester radio. Kathy is worried that the Echo and radio were only interested in her and not Helen – and now she has to help at the harvest festival along with Ruth (and it’s good to seeing her getting involved again). Lynda is sorry to have missed the demonstration of the pork in cider, she had forgotten all about it, but she notices the paint in Haley’s hair though and while Hayley tries to listen to the cooking demonstration on salads, Linda keeps interrupting with tales of Japanese fans! After she spoils the pudding demo too, Hayley is very cross and says there will be bad behaviour if she and Phoebe don’t leave soon!
  • Roy and Brenda chat about the new flat and how Roy is not keen on the decorating, he doesn’t think Phoebe will like it. At which point Kate calls. Apparently she’s still in Cape Town and has heard that Phoebe is moving in with Roy and Hayley. Roy admits Kate wound him up by asking if he was serious about Hayley. She thinks it would qbe disruptive if they broke up . She said “young children need stability”. Later Betty tells him Kate has no right to control his future and Hayley has been a better mother to Phoebe than Kate ever has been but they realise that she won’t be in South Africa forever.

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