Kenton doesn’t take his parents’ decision well and Mike’s not happy with Neil and Eddie doing business together.

Radio Times: Neil is drawn into the manure.

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  • Jill and Phil decide to tell Kenton that, despite his recent protestations, they’re standing by their decision – and they ring him (early, in Oz) to tell him that he’s had his inheritence. He’s not happy, not least because he’s obviously got new debts – although he pleads family responsibilities (but don’t they all have them?) He slams the phone down but Jill’s sure he’ll be in touch soon for the next handout …
  • Ruth and David are bringing in the cows ahead of her chemo tomorrow (and Usha’s Diwali party next week). She’s coping with the treatment well – although not so well that David doesn’t think it better to leave aside the moving idea for now.
  • Mike’s keen to talk Neil into setting up a tree nursery on his land. Neil’s intrigued, but isn’t keen to commit lest it ties up the land if he needs it to expand the pig business. At which point Eddie rolls up with a tractor load of muck and reveals his and Neil’s enterprise, which Mike takes badly and stomps off, assuming that Neil would rather go into business with Eddie than him!