The Mikado is not going to plan, but Eddie’s plans to secure Keeper’s Cottage certainly are.

Radio Times: Lynda is no fan of Ed’s

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  • Before being three little maids, Lauren, Hayley and Brenda first go back to school, to learn all about Japanese fans and their general deportment to turn them into demure young things – although Jack seems to be able to do a better job and the whole thing is strained by the weird and wonderful fans turned up by props-meister Ed Grundy. Lynda’s got some work to do if the choreography of her mind is going to match that realisable by the amateur players at her disposable.
  • Joe and Eddie’s apple press seems to have turned out alright – even with the old Brookfield hessian sacks (although where the spider came from is anyone’s guess). Eddie can’t keep it in and confides to his dad why the caravan’s being getting a lot of visitors recently, but he swears him to secrecy, especially to Clarrie as he wants the deal clinched before telling her. Later he visits Jack to finalise the deal and, to his obvious delight, Jack is more than amenable to the idea of letting Keeper’s Cottage to them. He’s wary of their finances, but Eddie convinces him that now they haven’t got their money pit of a farm to support they’re as well off as they’ve ever been. Jack does them another turn – because he knows them (and their situation) he doesn’t even want a deposit, as soon as they pay the first month’s rent they can move in! Eddie, needless to say, is over the moon.