At the harvest supper, Ruth tells the world what her family mean to her.

Radio Times: It’s a heart warming day for Ruth.

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  • The day of the harvest supper, Kathy and Janet are being leant a hand by Tim (who was delivering some cheese). He declines some of the Grundy apple juice though, the story of the hessian sacks seems to be putting people off. Kathy’s grateful of the distraction as she’s not working the shop today and Jamie’s with Sid. Janet sympathises about the wranglings but Kathy’s unapologetic, determined that she’s only holding out for her (and Jamie’s) due.
  • Ruth’s chemo session yesterday went well, it definitely re-charged her batteries. She’s also happy to hear from Jill that Kenton’s been told that his parents aren’t for wavering over the inheritence issue. They’re not looking forward to giving Elizabeth the same message …
  • Mike’s found a sickly cow – she’s calved too early producing a still birth. Hopefully this is just bad luck and not symptomatic of a wider problem.
  • At the harvest supper all goes swimmingly, lots of money raised for the chosen breast cancer charities (and the absent (working) Siobhán wins the big hamper, donated by Ambridge Organics), Ruth makes a few words of thanks. From the heart she praises her family and friends and, not leaving much room for doubt, says publicly that she couldn’t imagine leaving Ambridge – she’s had to face the prospect of that and now she knows she couldn’t do it willingly. A real dose of schmaltz, but her nearest and dearest appreciated it.