Roy and Phoebe move in to Nightingale Farm and doom has moved into the Brookfield herd.

Radio Times: For Roy and Hayley it’s not present laughter

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  • Sunday is moving day and Roy and Phoebe are busy moving their things into Nightingale Farm. Marjorie is, as ever, keeping them well supplied with tea and biscuits (even inviting them down for lunch). While they’re glad to have a friendly landlady, Roy is concerned that their door is just a little too open for total privacy …. Jennifer arrives with a rocking horse for Phoebe and later Betty brings her a gift of a mobile for her room. Jennifer hints at the temporary nature of the lodgings as far as Phoebe is concerned – only barely managing to avoid saying that she thinks Phoebe will leave the flat just as soon as Kate returns, although she’s as unsure as everyone else as to when that might be. Betty is a little sad as she’ll miss Roy and Phoebe but she thinks they’ll be very happy at Nightingale Farm.
  • Alistair arrives at Brookfield as another cow has aborted. When Alistair wonders if the herd have been vaccinated for leptospirosis in the last twelve months Phil and David aren’t sure – without Ruth there to focus on these things it might have slipped their minds. Alistair tries to be positive and hope for the best but they are all concerned.

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