Kathy’s intransigent over costs and Eddie buys a new tractor.

Radio Times: Kathy wants the lot.

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  • In the shop Helen’s being unusually friendly, really involving Kathy in some of the decisions about which lines are worth experimenting with and arranging new suppliers. They also laugh about Tom’s role in the Mikado! She also lets her off early to meet with Usha to discuss Sid’s response to her petition for divorce. She’s distinctly unamused that Sid is contesting costs, she would rather not pay anything at all and while Usha doesn’t think it an unreasonable request, when pushed she does think that the judge would side with Kathy. At which point Kathy decides to reject that request – Sid’s got them into the mess so Sid can pay to get them out.
  • The Grundys have received an invite to Jill’s party, meanwhile Clarrie’s worried about the party she’s arranging – she’d invited Kathy without realising that Eddie had arranged for Jolene to do the music. Mike’s increasingly unamused by having the Grundys on his doorstop, especially when he discovers Edward (a bit ripe from weeks in his bender) in his bathroom. He cheers up a bit, though, when he hears about Jolene and Kathy both being at the barn dance. Then Eddie arrives home … in a tractor he’s just bought from the widow of his friend who he’d been helping out recently. With this he can do contract work and that means they’re back in business!