Jolene tells Sid to fight Kathy a little more strongly and Lynda finally gets Tom into the Mikado cast.

Radio Times: Tom is hoist on his own petard.

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  • Jolene’s finished clearing out the important belongings from her house, including some last few bits for Fallon. Sid’s looking forward to spending some time with Jamie and, while waiting for Pat to drop him off, he delivers his present to Fallon, the latest CD from “Boyzone.&quot Fallon is distinctly underwelmed.
  • The last of the harvesting is going well at Brookfield although David’s still a little unsure about Ruth’s trip home. He’s sure it’s a good idea, but has a slight doubt that it’s because of something he’s done. Phil’s dismisses that, he can understand that her not being able to work might be hard on her, so a break would be good. He’s also glad that Lizzie is able to take her mind off an imminent hospital appointment with arranging Jill’s party. He’s not so glad that Lynda is badgering him left-right-and-centre with Mikado-related trivialities.
  • When Jamie’s gone home again Sid is moping about the place but is unwilling to push Kathy into being more flexible because he blames himself for the split. Jolene tries to break him out of that spell, reminding him again of Kathy and Dave Barry and that in every split there tends to be more than one way to apportion blame.
  • Fallon’s continuing to moan about Sid, this time to Tom, who’s waiting in the bar (and admits to having given Sid the Boyzone idea). When Kirsty arrives she dismisses the youngster who doesn’t appreciate her mother embarrassing her with talk of homework. As Tom is explaining that he’s in demand Lynda happens past and Kirsty asks after Tom’s progress in the Mikado. Lynda’s taken aback, but quickly realises what’s up and plays her hand well – Tom is left with little option but to be drafted into the cast (as Nanky-Poo, which amuses Kirsty greatly) with Lynda amused and Kirsty none the wiser.