Ruth copes well with Josh’s birthday party and is planning to head to her mum’s for a break.

Radio Times: Bert is stunned by George’s onions.

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  • Phil’s organising a surprise party for Jill’s 70th birthday … and has involved Chris and George in the subterfuge by pretending they’ll be having a quite dinner for four at Grey Gables. George has other matters on his mind, like Bert trying to find out about his onions ahead of the village show. Having first sent Freda up on some spurious pretext, Bert visits himself and is shocked into silence by what he sees …
  • Josh’s birthday party goes with a bang. Ruth, albeit with help from David and Jill, copes admirably. Meanwhile Phil appears later to lend a hand with stories of Lynda’s attempts to pay Tommy to be in the Mikado!
  • Ruth is left exhausted, but happy, after the party. She’s still getting to grips with her inability to work, though. Everywhere there are reminders of who she was and what she used to be able to do. Heather has suggested she spend some time with her, which David thinks is a great idea.