A storm in a tomato box for Helen and Tommy gets a surprising offer from Lynda

Radio Times: Helen changes her tune.

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  • Lynda’s buying organic veg and waxing lyrical about doing environmental good – and Kathy, who’s serving, lets her wax on. She wonders whether Peter, the ex-employee, can sing – Helen’s not interested in hearing about him again and is generally acting like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Pat arrives with a query about one of their suppliers, Steve Phillips (who Kathy knows from dealings with the Bull). He’s unhappy with not being paid which is because, as Helen explains, she’s with-holding because of a duff box of tomatoes. A little harsh for one box, but Helen’s not wavering. Kathy offers to mediate (which was successful).
  • Sid’s posting details of a happy hour at the Bull, although Eddie quips that it’ll take more than that to make up for the last six months! It’s in aid of the line-dancing starting again tonight (Eddie’s interested in that angle too – getting Jolene to do the music for the barn dance for Joe).
  • Tom passes through on his way out and Pat’s wondering about his social life. She doesn’t like having to lie to cover for him … although he’s enjoying it, as well as taunting his sister of a lack of social life for her …
  • In the pub Eddie’s digging over Tom’s social life and Sid, on the cadge for information about what music 15 year old girls listen to so he can buy Fallon a CD as a peace offering, gets some distinctly duff information from Tom. Meanwhile Eddie’s running as soon as he sees Lynda appear … but it’s Tom she’s after. She’s desperate for young men for the Mikado and evens offer to pay him! The offer is £10 a performance!