Sid’s aiming to be reasonable and Edward wants a guitar.

Radio Times: Eddie makes the ultimate sacrifice.

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  • Sid and Jolene are quickly finding their feet with domestic bliss in the kitchen – she’s boiling eggs and making coffee and he promises to reciprocate tomorrow – but Fallon’s not playing that game, a very surly daughter leaves for school and Sid, sharp as a tack, wonders if it’s him.
  • Eddie’s still helping out the widow of his friend, meanwhile Edward’s decided that he’d like a guitar for his birthday so he can join his mate Jazza’s band. (An electric one, though, not Eddie’s “old” acoustic one.) Clarrie’s had a few more ideas for Joe’s birthday when Eddie reveals that he’s asked Neil if they can use his barn (they can) – which is a great idea, how about a barn dance?
  • Ed and Fallon are, it seems, bunking off school (already) and she’s moaning about how she hates having had to move, and he’s trying to entice her back to his bender …
  • Sid meets with his solicitor to discuss Kathy’s divorce petition. He doesn’t want to contest it (which will make the process cheaper and easier) but he wants to ensure his access rights to Jamie and that he can keep the pub. His solicitor reassures him on both counts – not least that if he loses the pub, he loses his income and his means to pay the settlement. He does suggest that they don’t meet Kathy’s full costs (a request that didn’t surprise Jolene) but Sid’s only interested in keeping it amicable and getting on with things.