Ruth’s feeling much better and the Grundys are settling in, with opinions divided as to whether it’s “A Good Thing”

Radio Times: Mixed reactions to the Grundy’s new home.

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  • Mike, over at Brookfield to prepare for taking on the milking, is moaning a little about the Grundys having placed their caravan right by Willow Farm, not that he’s unsympathetic … although NIMBY seems to be playing a part. Ruth’s feeling quite jolly and is happy to walk back to the bungalow to start on the preparations for Josh’s birthday party (having playfully teased David over some wonky ploughing first).
  • The Grundys are very happy with their new spot – and Betty’s happy with having them there, too. Although when Jennifer calls on Mike to ask him about taking on the job of thinning the undergrowth on the banks of the Am to try to stimulate the growth in the fish population, Clarrie’s not entirely happy to see her, accusing her of being glad to see the back of them.
  • Jill offers help, but Ruth’s happy to take on the bulk of the work for Josh’s party – it’s important to her to be a proper mum to him.
  • Later the Grundys and the Tuckers are enjoying some of the Grange Farm cider – it’s matured well in the Willow Farm barn where they’d left it in temporary store. Mike’s still not sure, but Betty is – even offering to host Joe’s birthday party (Clarrie wants to make a bit of a fuss of him). Jennifer calls in with some fresh flowers for Clarrie – apologising for early and trying (and partially succeeding) to persuade Clarrie that it was Borchester Land, not her and Brian, who wanted them off the estate.