The Grundys move to their new caravan site, complete with a fine view of Lakey Hill.

Radio Times: The Grundys up-sticks.

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  • Jolene arrives early at the Bull; she couldn’t keep away. Sid’s post contains a letter from Lucy in New Zealand and the expected letter from Kathy’s solicitor – but being expected does not make it easier to deal with. He must reply within 8 days and will consult his own solicitors’ family specialist.
  • Neil is too late to help the Grundys pack up, so having arranged to meet them at Willow Farm, he narrowly avoids spilling the beans to Joe about how close they came to going back to Meadow Rise and leaves Joe singing. When Eddie returns from his compassionate milking duty with a borrowed pickup they hitch up. Clarrie will sit in the back clutching the breakables and is more concerned than Eddie about the old oil drum barbecue they are leaving behind.
  • It seems that Mike was not so enthusiastic about the Grundys’ move but was outvoted by Betty, Susan and Neil. In the shop Susan reassures Neil that thay have done the right thing. They have done the only thing possible in the circumstances and the Grundys won’t be staying long, will they? In Kathy’s opinion, Mike is only happy when he has something to complain about. Both she and Susan express their admiration for Ruth, who had popped into the shop to buy crayons for Josh’s party.
  • The journey to Willow Farm is a bit bumpy but accomplished safely. Neil is on hand to show them where to put the caravan and Betty has the kettle on. Joe thinks they are going be very happy here.

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