At the eleventh hour a solution emerges for the Grundy’s; they can move to Willow Farm.

Radio Times: Graham measures up.

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  • At 1230 Kathy has to meet the estate agent at the Bull for a valuation; it was all arranged at rather short notice and Helen is not slow to point out how inconvenient it is – for her. Kathy offers a suggestion for a promotion at the shop but it is summarily rejected.
  • One of Clarrie’s few pleasures is reading, and re-reading, novels; Susan has brought one back just as Eddie is preparing to take Joe to the Bull for a pint. Is it a special occasion? Clarrie explains that Joe has not yet been told about tomorrow’s deadline and, since Eddie has failed to find an alternative site, to Meadow Rise they must go. Eddie had approached Neil but he had refused them because he was concerned about Mike and Betty; this was news to Susan.
  • When Graham Ryder and Kathy arrive at the Bull for the valuation they are clearly unexpected. Kathy did phone but there was “no-one suitable” with whom to leave a message. Sid is not best pleased but acquiesces. He explains that Jolene is at her flat, preparing to move on Saturday, and when Kathy wonders how much time she will have to get used to the place, Sid feels threatened.
  • Joe is enjoying a drink with his son; he has been looking forward to it. Eddie is not enjoying it and has not yet found a way to tell Joe the bad news. It nearly slips out when Sid talks about maybe having to leave the Bull to pay Kathy her share.
  • Only £300,000! Kathy is disappointed. Graham explains that as a residential property it would be more but licensed premises are in a different market.
  • Clarrie arrives as Joe attends a call of nature and discovers why Joe did not look unhappy. Eddie has not told him because, seeing the look on Joe’s face earlier, he could not bring himself to break the promise he made back in the hospital. But he doesn’t have to: Susan arrives with the news that Mike and Betty will not stand in their way. The Grundy’s can move their caravan to Willow Farm – temporarily, of course.

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