Clandestine party preparations are under way at Brookfield. Fallon faces a future at the Bull.

Radio Times: Fallon has to face up to reality.

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  • Bert and Freda are proud of their efforts for the flower and produce show. They have entered all categories except the painting and Bert confides in Phil that he has high hopes, especially for the onions and marrows. Phil, however, has seen George’s onions and was impressed.
  • A tearful Fallon is grateful for a lift to Ambridge from Mrs Pargeter. She has been to see her dad in Borchester and now needs to see her mum at the Bull, so it is fortunate that Lizzie is off to see her own father at Brookfield.
  • Eddie has run out of ideas for a new caravan site. There are several people in Ambridge with land to spare but no offers. He has also had a rather depressing day helping out the widow of his mate at Penny Hassett with milking and preparing for the inevitable farm sale. Jolene cannot help beyond a free pint, which is not turned down.
  • Ruth and Phil are discussing Jill’s party over the washing up. The hardest part will be keeping it a secret from Jill but Phil is confident that his two daughters will cope with the organisation – with help from Ruth if she wishes. When Lizzie arrives with the twins to discuss the guest list, Ruth has to go to attend to her own children; maybe she will help some other time.
  • What on earth George has been putting on his onions is a mystery to Bert. They are huge. Jolene has to tear herself away from this fascinating discussion to attend to her daughter, who is clearly very upset.
  • In a predictable display of fatherly love and concern, Fallon’s dad has turned down flat her request to move in with him. So can she stay with her mum? Of course she can; with mum there will always be a home for her. It will be a new start for all of them and this time, Jolene promises, she is going to make it work.

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