A birthday party for Jill is planned; Tommy begins to spin a web of deceit.

Radio Times: Helen is furious.

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  • Kirsty is helping Tommy with his daily routine and they seem really happy in each other’s company. After Tommy and Kirsty have dropped some sausages at Ambridge Organics, Helen tells Kathy that she finds their relationship nauseating, particularly as Tommy is still seeing Lauren and he hasn’t told Kirsty about her. Helen says Tommy will be seeing Lauren on Thursday night. Kathy says that’s a bit naughty but, to Helen’s surprise, starts to make excuses for him.
  • Pat arrives and prompts Kathy to pick up Jamie. Helen acts all neglected and moans about the preferential treatment Kathy is getting.
  • Elizabeth interrupts sheep-dipping to tell David of her plans for a 70th birthday party for Jill at Lower Loxley. David suggests she ask Ruth to help.
  • At the Bull, Tommy and Kirsty are having a giggle about Lynda’s obsession with the Mikado when Kathy and Pat draw up outside. Kathy stays outside while Pat nips in to get the pub books.
  • Kirsty tells Tommy she’s looking forward to seeing him on Thursday night. He says it’s the first she’s told him about it but she insists that she did tell him – it’s the only night she can make before the weekend too. Tommy says he can’t make it on Thursday, and after some creative floundering, he says he’s going to rehearsals for the Mikado. Lynda has written him in, giving him no choice. Kirsty mocks him for this but Tommy insists it should be a laugh and a good villagey thing to do. Kirsty eventually says she can change her arrangements and agrees to see him on Wednesday instead.
  • Elizabeth phones Kenton who makes chewing noises as he eats his breakfast and talks in his “I’m so laid back I’m horizontal” manner. Elizabeth tries to persuade him to nip over to the other side of the world for his Mum’s birthday bash in four weeks’ time. He prevaricates but then says he’ll try to sort something out. As if suddenly recalling the joys of past trips to Blighty, he concedes it might be a lot of fun. Lizzie says, rather enigmatically, that she thought so too.

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