Ruth eases back into farm life while the realities of matrimonial law begin to bear on Sid.

Radio Times: Ruth is looking up.

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  • David and Ruth are enjoying each other’s company in the calving shed. Bianca the cow is delivered of a fine baby heifer and all’s good with the world.
  • Kathy discusses with Usha the formalities of the divorce. To help sort out the financial settlement, someone (probably Rodways) will look at the Bull’s books and then call round to value the pub.
  • Meanwhile, the cows are grinning from ear to ear because Ruth is back walking them, and the feeling is mutual. At Ruth’s suggestion, David decides to ask Alistair if he fancies going out for a drink when Usha comes round to see Ruth that evening.
  • Kathy phones Sid and tells him she’s going ahead with the divorce papers. Sid tries to be conciliatory but Kathy rebuffs him, reminding him of the hurt he has caused her and Jamie. She curtly arranges to go to the Bull the following night to pick up the books and hangs up abruptly.
  • At that point, a buoyant David walks into the bar and Sid tries to put on the cheery landlord act for him, engaging in chat about yesterday’s victory over Little Croxley. When asked, David proudly says how good it is to have Ruth back on the farm. When David enquires as to how Sid’s doing, Sid replies falteringly that things could hardly get any worse.
  • Usha and Ruth have a nice evening together, revelling in the warm glow of Ruth’s first steps towards getting back to working on the farm. Ruth light-heartedly says she did have to have a lie down after walking the cows and then expresses her worries that she might not be able to pull her weight on the farm but Usha is reassuring. Ruth then perks up again and, positively squeaking with delight, tells Usha how pleased David is that she’s back. He had told her that Brookfield hadn’t been the same without her and now it was like a proper farm again.

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