Kathy thinks Jamie has turned a corner. Helen’s tired, but won’t stop.

Radio Times: Ed is on a mission, and Helen is making plans.

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  • Tony is pleased Ed likes his new mower conditioner, his son just glanced at it and said it was a waste of money. Tony doesn’t grow artichokes, and they’d be March to May anyway, but Ed is given Jaxx’s veg supplier’s number by Kirsty and, after hearing Helen say a pregnant mum craves the nutrients her body lacks, is determined to get artichokes somehow.
  • Helen has been busy organising the book signing. Kirsty thinks she looks tired but she won’t rest and ends up yawning all through their evening at the Bull. She is keen on the local birthing centre, where Amy works, but Tony thinks Felpersham would be better. It’s a teaching hospital with state of the art equipment. Safety should come first. Besides, as he tells Pat, it wasn’t a natural conception, so a high-tech birth seems more appropriate.
  • Praise of Nic as a barmaid from Tony irks Will and he wants to know who else was in the Bull with her. He is surly when he bumps into Ed in there later on, despite Ed trying hard to be pleasant and polite.
  • Kathy’s pleased that Jamie is doing well at the golf club, and is delighted when he agrees to cut the lawn and does it without having to be asked again. She tells Pat he is coming out of that deep grief and being back to school will help. Kenton has promised to accompany Kathy to the golf club dinner dance, so she’s doubly pleased.

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