Susan struggles with a menu. Nigel considers allotments at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Bert presents Nigel with a growing problem and Susan gets plenty of culinary advice.

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  • Lily wants patent leather shoes, like friend Beatrice, but Elizabeth hasn’t got money to burn; they won’t last. Nic is also shopping for school uniform, Mia starts next week. Elizabeth corrects Nic; the twins won’t be going to Borchester Green in a year’s time, but termly boarding at Clavisborne.
  • Helen is all worked up about a cookery demo and book signing by Shelley Brazil and ensuring enough people attend. Pat tries to get her to take things easy, saying she looks tired. Helen insists she has never felt better.
  • After Pat and Helen reminisce over Jennifer’s amazing beef wellington with truffle sauce in front of Susan, Pat advises Susan to stick with tried and tested for Friday’s supper, no dinner, party. Susan thinks she might do something a bit out of the ordinary, but do a dummy run first.
  • Bert’s runner beans secreted in Nigel’s console desert lead to Nigel having the idea of leasing some of his land as allotment plots to local people, like Grant from the shop, and wife Anna. Lizzie thinks it a ridiculous idea, hair-brained, and can he please get back to work.
  • Nic pays off all of the catalogue bill this month; the little bit extra from the Bull makes an amazing difference. Susan has heard Jolene’s selling up, but you know how these rumours fly around when some people get hold of them.

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