Kenton and Jamie cheat in the Bank Holiday Run but David makes him pay by escorting Lynda’s llama!

Radio Times: Kenton leads by bad example.

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  • Kathy is fed up with Kenton being late for the bike ride again. But he reckons he and Jamie have got the race in the bag. Ruth and David certainly make an appearance as Romans and everyone thinks Ruth looks very glamorous. No one is quite sure who Lizzie and Nigel are though.
  • Jamie thinks Kenton is going too slowly but he has a secret weapon – the path to his car…. Jamie thinks it might be cheating but Kenton convinces him otherwise – and not a word to his Mum. David and Ruth also get lost with Ben, but then they see a strange 4×4 heading along the route – surely that was Kenton? But they don’t own up to Kathy that they’ve seen him at the last checkpoint. David thinks knowledge will be power one day!
  • Kathy is impressed with how relaxed Jamie and Kenton look after their race. They are heroes and she is so proud of them for coming second … Brookfield has some honours though with the prize for best fancy dress.
  • Lynda has a problem with the llama and needs a tow – suddenly David remembers Kenton has a tow bar and since he loves driving his 4×4, it will be great for him to drive there and then just wait till it’s all over ….. good for his soul.

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