The cheese tastings are going well in Ambridge Organics. Siobhán really doesn’t sound well and Brian has decided he just can’t make a decision about the farm at the moment.

Radio Times: Jennifer gets a reality check.

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  • Lynda is looking at grants from the Lottery to help with restoring the churchyard. Borchester Life might be interested too. Grey Gables is getting geared up for Oliver’s cheese tasting. There have already been a few positive comments in Ambridge Organics – well there would be when you throw the bad reviews away!
  • Brian is being pestered to make a decision on the farm but he really can’t think about such a big decision now. So he’s decided to say no for this year and think about it then. Debbie isn’t impressed but Adam is very pleased – even though it isn’t a final decision. Jennifer isn’t thrilled either – just shows all that talk about jetting off to the sun was nothing. There is only one thing he is focussed on!
  • Siobhán isn’t feeling well after her chemo. Pretty wiped out. Brian tries to convince her he’s talking Jennifer round but she’s not too sure. Talking to Jennifer afterwards, he says he really doesn’t things are going well – there was something about the sound of her voice. Jennifer says it might be just because he is tired too but….

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