Kenton and Sid become rivals. Kenton joins the off-roaders’ club. Mike is depressed.

Radio Times: Kenton feels the need for speed.

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  • Rivalry between Sid and Kenton grows when first of all, Kenton tells Sid not to pinch his staff; Frank will be leaving the Bull and returning to his normal job at Jaxx at the end of the week. Then Kenton spots the soap-box Sid’s making for Jamie, and tells him loftily that he’s making him one, too, only his will be much better.
  • Kathy coos over Monty the Muntjac, lying in his box by the Aga at Brookfield. Ruth is less impressed; she regards Muntjac as a pest.
  • His spat with Sid has led Kenton to re-think his soap-box design. The new model requires the cannibalisation of Kathy’s ironing board to give it that surf-board look. Oddly, Kathy is unenthusiastic.
  • While Mike babysits, Hayley and Roy have a night out away from Ambridge. Hayley meets Jason the builder, who runs what he calls a social club. It soon appears that it’s an off-roaders club, and includes none other than Kenton among its members. He’s soon telling Jason that his family owns land which is ideal for off-roading. It even includes a bridle-way …
  • Hayley is concerned to find Mike sitting in the dark. He hasn’t touched the meal she left him. He’s not hungry, and finds it hard to show interest in anything.

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