Adam and Ian are worried about the future. Lilian appears to be worried about more imminent events.

Radio Times: Lilian prepares for a happy event.

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  • As Adam prepares to advertise in the shop for a cleaner, Ian airs his concerns about the future of his job if Grey Gables is sold to a chain. They agree to have a hot tub after work and talk things over.
  • Pat’s off to Felpersham with Tom, to see the supermarket about Bridge Farm carrots, and has borrowed a suit from Kathy. Tony is impressed with her new look. She tells him that Tom’s bought a second-hand Cappucino maker at a good price, and that this van and trailer will be ready on Friday. Somewhat sourly, Tony comments that Tom always falls on his feet, and Pat is quick to defend him.
  • Ian asks Caroline what the situation is with Grey Gables. She’s honest about it, but adds that another viewer for the Dower House is coming. She tells Ian that he’s central to Grey Gables, but he’s not so sure.
  • An astonished Pat catches Lilian looking at pregnancy testing kits in Felpersham. Lilian offers an unconvincing excuse – she was looking for under-eye filler before she drops Matt’s missing keys off.
  • Ian tells Adam that he feels bad that he contributes less than Adam to the household budget. Adam dismisses it, and says he wants to formalise their relationship, to ensure that Ian’s financial security. But Adam, too is worried; he feels that he’s last in the pecking order at Home Farm.
  • Pat’s day has gone well, as she tells Tony, though, as ever, he is sceptical. But when she tells him that Tom’s enthusiasm and drive remind her of Tony’s when they first went organic, Tony melts. Let’s go for it, he says.

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