Kenton finds a solution. Jazzer finds a new colleague.

Radio Times: Time is running out for Kenton (again!).

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  • Kathy’s upset by Jamie’s tagging escapade, but has decided not to tell Sid. She thinks it’s caused by their failure to go out as a threesome. Kenton is less worried, and can’t go along with Kathy’s decision to ban Jamie from the talent show. Meanwhile Kenton must find another judge by 6.00.
  • Jazzer’s not impressed by the new roundsman, Harry, who is overwhelmingly cheerful and more than a bit of a bore. Harry asks whether people have difficulty understanding Jazzer’s accent, which endears Harry still less to him. When Harry starts treating Jazzer to marketing jargon, it’s just too much.
  • Ed’s avoiding Vicky, who pesters him with calls about the cows calving. When Kathy arrives to thank Ed for the way he handled the tagging episode, Ed’s relieved to see her, and not Vicky in person. Ed hopes the pair will win the football tickets now that Kathy has relented and is letting them enter. After all, he can remember being 13 and bored rigid.
  • Kenton finally tracks Wayne down, but has no luck initially. Wayne’s friend won’t be able to do the judging. However, he does have one suggestion.
  • Kenton is late for Lynda’s meeting. She’s concerned that they have no licence to cover the animal acts, and Graham Ryder will seize the opportunity to make trouble. When Kenton announces that Neville Booth will be the third judge, Lynda is initially speechless. Neville is hardly scintillating company. Kenton agrees, but Neville is already signed up. What they need now is a clapometer so the audience can vote – and Robert is just the man to make one.

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