Ruth learns the truth. Tom can’t face the truth.

Radio Times: The camera never lies at Brookfield.

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  • Tony gives David a hand mucking out; David will reciprocate once the school holidays start and the boys can lend a hand with the calves. There’s little chance of Pip showing any interest. David launches into a major moan about Pip and Jude, but all Tony can say is that they’re lucky she’s got a boyfriend.
  • At Brookfield, Ben is meant to be helping Ruth, but says it’s boring. To divert Ruth from the idea of more household jobs or, even worse, church with Jill, he shows Ruth a film that Josh took of himself and Jamie tagging.
  • Brenda’s feeling rough after a very late night with the girls. Tom asks why she left her engagement ring at home, and Brenda loses her temper, accusing Tom of being jealous and snooping on her. Tom offers a feeble apology, but is clearly upset.
  • Ruth tackles Josh about the tagging, but gets much rudeness from her son as a result. She says he will have to help around the farm instead of watching TV during the holidays, and she intends to tell Kathy about Jamie’s involvement. Josh plays his trump card; they’re only interested in Pip these days.
  • As he gives Tony a hand, Tom asks how long he and Pat were engaged. Unsuspecting Tony tells him the story of his engagement to Mary Weston, and how she ‘lost’ her engagement ring, then found it weeks later in a pocket. They drifted apart after that …
  • Ruth tells David about Josh, and is not pleased with his reaction. David sees it all as a ‘boys will be boys’ interlude. Ruth compares this with his attitude to Pip. He’s operating double standards, and the boys are feeling neglected. What is happening to the family?

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