Kenton finds that the Archers don’t want Kathy on their family photo.

Radio Times: Elizabeth misses the point of diplomacy.

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  • Elizabeth has a problem: both Kathy and Hayley are sick today. She is also organising a family photograph. Nigel intends to sound Toby out about having a heavy horse at Lower Loxley.
  • Alan is at Brookfield arranging to move tables for the Harvest Supper and Barn Dance. Elizabeth calls to remind her brother about the photograph – the boys will need a haircut.
  • Her other brother is busy 10-pin bowling with Jamie, keeping him out of the way for a bit to allow Kathy to get over her migraine. Kenton suggests that he and Jamie should behave normally towards Kathy, rather than hover protectively.
  • Nigel is now planning to take a course on caring for heavy horses, since Toby is keen on the idea. When Elizabeth catches up with Kenton about the family photograph he is somewhat dismayed to learn that Kathy is not required for it – established couples only.

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