Kenton’s dilemma is resolved but Ed acquires a self-inflicted injury.

Radio Times: Ed’s break doesn’t quite go to plan.

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  • Ed is looking forward to his mini-break with Fallon but is surprised that so many people know about it.
  • Elizabeth takes a call from Kenton, who wonders whether she and Shula have reconsidered their decision about the Archer group photo. Still struggling with the diplomacy, Lizzie declares that the photo is meant to last. Also, if Kathy were included so would Jamie be and he is not an Archer grand-child; Meriel is, but she will not be there. An unhappy Kenton decides to leave it at that.
  • En route to Devon, Fallon chooses the music. She does well, in Ed’s view.
  • Emma turns up at The Bull too late to catch Brenda. Jazzer breaks the news about where Fallon and Ed have gone; he invites her to stay for a drink.
  • Wow! That’s Fallon’s verdict on the hotel – but they delay checking in until they have visited the beach.
  • Kathy is really appreciative of everything Kenton has done this week; Jamie is happier too after a little ‘man talk’. Kenton explains about the photograph but Kathy wouldn’t have expected to be included and, anyway, would be hard pressed to raise a smile or face the Archers en masse just now.
  • The sea is really cold but Ed is full of bravado and manages to stub his toe on a rock. The room will have to wait: they must head for A & E first.

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