Kenton graciously backs away from the Soap Box Derby confrontation; he will help Josh instead.

Radio Times: Jack goes down memory lane.

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  • Despite Fallon’s enthusiasm, Ed is not convinced that the 50s and 60s were interesting times. She is currently researching country pubs – and Peggy is on her schedule for this afternoon.
  • Once Kathy can get a word in, she is able to broach the subject that has brought her to Jaxx – the Soap Box Derby. Explaining how Jamie is the piggy in the middle, she concludes that either he or Sid should pull out – and since Kenton is the more reasonable, it has to be him, please. He will need a good face-saving reason.
  • Fallon’s interview with Peggy yields lots of memories, including (with the recorder switched off) why she was the licensee for 20 years and not her husband Jack 1. The session is effectively highjacked by Jack 2; going down memory lane is his forte.
  • Ed and Oliver are shopping for a second-hand pasteuriser, although Oliver thinks perhaps he should get the milking side set up first and deal with the processing later. Which breed should he go for and will he get a licence? As for the accommodation, it is just not possible.
  • Jack’s storytelling has exhausted him but he is keen to take up Fallon’s suggestion to come again. Peggy quietly assures her that she need not actually do it: he will have forgotten by Thursday. But it was good to see him so animated.
  • After her shopping trip, Kathy returns to Jaxx. Kenton has found his excuse: his help is needed elsewhere. Not Daniel, because Alistair has been shamed into building his cart, but Josh has an injured father who is good for nothing but grouching; he must be driving Ruth round the bend.

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