Ed looks to Oliver to solve his accommodation problem. Carly surprises Caroline with a birthday cake.

Radio Times: Ed has a favour to ask.

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  • Ed has a question to put to Oliver: if the dairy project goes ahead, Ed would need to be close to the herd for checking late at night and early morning milking, so would there be accommodation to go with the job? Not just for Ed, of course, but Emma and George too. Oliver will give it some thought.
  • It being her birthday, Caroline arrives home early to find Carly looking sheepish. The reason is soon revealed – a chocolate-laden cake with her name iced onto it. Wonderful! Caroline expresses her delight.
  • William explains to his mother the latest disagreement with Emma; Clarrie does her best to calm things down but really the two of them need to start getting on and putting George first.
  • At Grange Farm the champagne is ready but Carly is still getting changed – well, it is a special occasion. Actually the glam is not for Caroline; Carly has a date with Christopher Carter – Caroline recognises her “pulling skirt”. Left alone, they don’t have to eat any more of the cake – Ian’s is still in the boot of the car – and Caroline is free to pour cold water on the idea of accommodation for Ed and family.
  • Kathy too has a problem that she has brought to Clarrie: the Soap Box Derby. Sid must win, so he has been interrogating Jamie about Kenton’s cart. Kenton enjoys winding Sid up. Caught in the middle, Jamie doesn’t want to be in the race at all. Kathy had been getting on better with Sid, so doesn’t want to rock the boat; so she needs to talk to Kenton.

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