Kenton has plans to turn Jaxx into a cafe bar.

Radio Times: Kenton dreams big for Jaxx Caff.

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  • Helen is still worrying about Annette being involved with Jazzer and wants Tom to warn him off but he is having nothing to do with it. Tom actually thinks he might be getting more serious.
  • Tom has planned a romantic picnic on the Am to mark the end of Brenda’s exams. They get delayed by Kenton’s plans to turn Jaxx into a cafe bar – Cheers comes to Ambridge. He is getting some negative reactions from people including Kathy but Brenda thinks it’s a great idea and even thinks she’d like to work there. The picnic goes well but ends with a splash as Tom falls in.
  • Helen manages to persuade Pat that they don’t need to replace Colin in the dairy. Clarrie could do with more hours and Helen could put in some shifts. Make it a real family business.

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