Neil hears the bad news that he is unlikely to be paid for the weaners.

Radio Times: Peggy tries to broker peace.

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  • Adam is pleased with the cropping plan Debbie has produced. Borchester Land would be mad to turn down though they mustn’t count their chickens. They aren’t going to impress Will but his birds come second.
  • Susan admits to Clarrie that Neil is in trouble. Clarrie is worried about Eddie’s work too. But at least she can concentrate on her flower arrangement. It comes as a bit of a surprise to Susan that Neil has lent her the fruit bowl though. Neil had a great time at the football reunion and Susan has to dampen things down by telling him the rumour Jazzer had heard about Clifford going under. Neil finally gets through and it is true. Doesn’t look as if he will survive and not much chance of Neil getting all the money. How will they keep Neil’s business going?
  • Peggy is planning a birthday tea for Jack but Lilian isn’t making much attempt to defrost the atmosphere with Jennifer. After Jennifer leaves, Peggy tries to cheer her up and convince her that things will be okay but she just says that Matt feels no one is supporting him. That’s why she can’t forgive Jennifer.

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