Matt and Lilian continue to argue and Lilian begins to say she has had enough.

Radio Times: Lilian’s patience is put to the test.

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  • Matt and Lilian aren’t getting any better. Lilian can’t stop nagging and Matt isn’t prepared to talk. He pretends to have a business meeting but admits it’s because he can’t stand her interrogations but eventually agrees to go out for a pub lunch. When they get there he is more obsessed with the football than Lilian. She continues to nag when they get back to the Dower House. Matt accuses her of not understanding and she says she does, but she’s not sure if she wants to anymore.
  • With Neil away, Susan has to drag Christopher out of bed to do the pigs since Jazzer hasn’t turned up – to busy with Annette Christopher thinks. Meanwhile Susan can’t work out what’s happened to her best fruit bowl and she even thinks Christopher might have broken it.
  • Jazzer eventually turns up and tells Christopher that he has heard that the farmer Neil supplies has gone under. Then Lynda turns up and insists that Christopher will be the ideal example of the village labourer for the plinth. Jazzer thinks it’s more an opportunity for flogging dodgy DVDs.

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