Adam fights Lilian’s corner. Matt fights his own corner.

Radio Times: Adam steps into the breach for Lilian.

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  • Bert discusses his ideas for the flower arranging competition with Lynda. He’s decided to base his display on vegetables. Lynda is concentrating on a low-allergen entry, but is annoyed that Sabrina Thwaite has managed to secure the prime position in the church, ignoring cultural niceties. Lynda’s mind is really on the plinth, however, and she wants Bert to organise it. He is somewhat underwhelmed by the idea.
  • Bert and Lynda are interrupted by Adam, who is interested when Lynda complains about Matt’s driving at speed in a damaged car. He goes straight to the Dower House to tackle Matt on Lilian’s behalf.
  • Lilian, meanwhile, has called on Peggy, but is dismayed to find Jennifer there. The conversation is tense and strained, despite Peggy’s best efforts. Jennifer is concerned by Lilian’s tired and thin appearance. When Lynda calls, Lilian can take no more, and rushes out.
  • Adam has things out with Matt, and they shout at one another. Matt tells Adam to stay out of things; Adam tells Matt Lilian deserves better treatment.
  • Lilian arrives at the Dower House just as Bert delivers some hanging baskets to a rude Matt. She pacifies Bert, then turns on Matt. He’s furious that Adam has become involved; Lilian is furious because she thinks Matt isn’t telling her the truth. They hurl increasingly angry exchanges at one another.

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