Neil has financial worries. Lilian has relationship worries. Eddie has employment worries.

Radio Times: Times get tougher for the Carters.

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  • Lilian wakes to discover Matt creeping out of the house. He refuses to tell her where’s he’s going.
  • Neil spends the day on the phone. He’s still owed money for two batches of weaners, and can’t pay the feed bill until he gets the money – but his customer isn’t answering his phone or returning calls. Then Neil tries to find customers for his current batch – and again, gets nowhere.
  • Eddie gives Will a hand on the shoot, and is grateful for the extra work. Clarrie’s got an extra shift at the Bull, too. Will’s annoyed at what he sees as Adam’s obstructive attitude towards the shoot.
  • Lilian calls at the Bull to talk to Jolene about Matt, but Jolene’s out. Clarrie prattles on about the WI flower arranging competition, but Lilian isn’t listening.
  • Clarrie calls to borrow a cut glass dish from Susan for the WI competition. Neil’s not sure about lending it, but when Clarrie says she’ll take great care, he agrees. He tells Clarrie about his cash-flow problems, and she’s sympathetic, but can’t offer much comfort.
  • Lilian eventually finds a listening ear in Adam, who invites her to supper. Over yet another G and T, Lilian pours out her fears. Then Matt rings, but only to say he’s had a bump in the car, so is staying over. Lilian is both furious and distraught; she’s trying to support Matt and he’s having a fling with some woman. No, says Adam, you shouldn’t be left to deal with this by yourself.

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