Kenton has some bad luck and some good luck.

Radio Times: Kenton has a crash course in spirituality.

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  • Kenton certainly appreciates Kathy’s visit to Jaxx, though Brenda clearly doesn’t. Nothing against Kathy but his mind is on jitterbugging with her rather than helping Brenda. They have a class with Mike and Betty this evening but his fellow god-parent elect has to remind Kenton that they also have a meeting with the vicar this evening.
  • In the shop, Alan learns that Betty needs a part-time assistant; this could be good news for Amy, who is looking for a job between exams and college. Betty is worried about her own job, as the news of Mr Woolley selling his Echo shares gets around. What else will he sell?
  • Roy is late for the god-parent training but they start anyway, since Kenton is clearly keen to get to the Village Hall. Brenda has done some homework but Kenton is clueless – no change there, then.
  • Kathy is a bit of a wall-flower without Kenton, so Mike steps in and shows her the steps. When jitterbug novice Kenton arrives, he manages to allow his partner to turn her ankle and has to take her home straight away.
  • Kenton confides in Kathy that he too is worried about Jack selling up; the café is his home as well as his job. Kathy is sure they could find him somewhere! Having given the invalid everything she needs, Kenton prepares to go home. But wait, she also needs a kiss – and she doesn’t want him to go. Oh Kathy!

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