Kenton worries about his job. Peggy worries about Jack. David worries about the situation with Alistair.

Radio Times: Matt displays his own brand of honesty.

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  • Before he goes in to see his solicitor, Lilian wants to check that Matt is going to do as he has said – reveal all. Meanwhile she had planned to have breakfast at Jaxx but it does not seem to be open.
  • Both Kenton and Kathy clearly enjoyed their first night together for many months and Kenton is in no rush: he has asked Brenda to open up. That things are not going to plan becomes clear when Peggy rings; Lilian has reported that the café is not open.
  • Alistair has a way with cats, especially Peggy’s cat Bill; it was no trouble getting him in the cat basket for a trip to the surgery – experience counts! Before they leave, Kenton turns up: he has lost his keys. In seeking out Jack’s set, Peggy finds the missing newspaper.
  • Matt’s solicitor has threatened to stop acting for him if he doesn’t come clean; he has revealed all that Yvette knew about – but there is more. Lilian doesn’t want to know. He drops her off at the Stables, so that she can call on Shula but she encounters her mum, who is more than a little upset about finding the paper, or rather about the significance of it. What if she had not been there to deal with Kenton? Perhaps Jack should also sell the café – but Peggy will not sell his memories.
  • At The Bull, Kenton and David share a brotherly pint in the garden and are joined first by Matt and then by Alistair; he doesn’t stay, preferring to go back indoors. Kenton urges David to go after him and make peace; Matt applauds David’s brave decision and urges him to stick to it.

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