David offers a compromise, against Sam’s advice. Alistair turns it down.

Radio Times: Division spreads to Brookfield.

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  • David has made a decision: he is going to the Stables to ask Alistair if he can work with Stephen. He feels guilty and his sister hates him; although two vets might not be the most effective arrangement, it’s his farm and his family and if he can find a compromise, he will.
  • Emma did not really enjoy her night out at The Bull: she was uncomfortable away from George. Susan lets her into a secret: she has bought a new table and chairs in the sale. (Neil is not going to like this!) As a christening present, Brian has sent Will home early and will cover for him over the weekend. The christening preparations are all under control, so he could take Emma out for a drive – right now.
  • David’s idea is an interesting one, but Alistair takes no time at all to pass on it. He is a fully qualified vet with 20 years experience; he is not prepared to report to Stephen at herd health meetings and he prefers to work where his experience is appreciated.
  • Will was surprised at how Emma’s driving has improved and wonders if she has been practising while he was asleep. That’s closer to the truth than she admits.
  • Oh dear! Neil has discovered Susan’s purchase, which anyway has not gone to plan: 18 chairs have been delivered but no table. Eventually Neil sees the funny side, along with William and Emma; Susan does not!
  • David returns to Brookfield with news of his encounter with Alistair and with an apology for Ruth. It might need more than an apology to put things right with Sam. There may be worse to come: what will Shula think, when she hears of it?

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