Susan keeps her guests in order.

Radio Times: There’s a double christening for the Carters.

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  • Susan’s fussing over the new house knows no bounds when the Christening party begins. She insists that the guests should ‘flow’ round the house, to take in all its features, but she won’t allow anyone in the garden, in case they bring mud into the house.
  • Kenton’s charms work on baby George, who smiles and coos for his new Godfather. He’s even bought George a miniature England football kit, and manages to upstage Roy very satisfactorily.
  • Tom moans to Roy about Tamsin’s being too busy to see him, and about his cash-flow problems. Roy thinks this is an attempt to touch him for a loan, but Tom insists that it’s not.
  • The Ambridge cricketers chew over their defeat the previous day, and the general opinion is that a captain like Alastair who can’t even show up for a match isn’t doing his job. Tom defends Adam, who also failed to show up; he’s very busy with the strawberries at present.
  • Having realised that Fat Paul and other friends of Eddie have come uninvited to the party, Susan’s worried that Alf might arrive. Her concerns are as nothing when Neil manages to knock a bottle of red wine over on the new carpet, and Kenton tries to remedy matters by pouring champagne on it. When the guests finally leave, she gets scrubbing, until Neil tells her to stop, and forcibly carries her out of the room.
  • Brian has invited Will and Emma to the Game Fair. Emma’s not keen; it will be so difficult with a baby. Will tells her he’ll help; he loves them both so much and calls them his blessings.

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