Shula tries to put pressure on Alastair, and Peggy tries to put pressure on Jack.

Radio Times: Shula reaches a stalemate at the Stables.

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  • As Jill and Ruth have a chat about the Royal show, Shula appears, and an icy atmosphere ensues. Ruth’s had enough, and flies at Shula – she and David have tried to meet Alastair halfway, and they’re fed up with his emotional blackmail. But Shula clearly has no idea what Ruth is talking about, and she leaves in a hurry, to Jill’s distress.
  • Furious, Shula has a major go at Alastair; he should have told her about David’s offer. Alastair loses his temper; he’s not going to be patronised by David. When he learns that Shula went to see David in the first place, Alastair’s anger turns on Shula. She tells him to grow up, and he storms out of the house.
  • At the village hall, Jill and Peggy spend a pleasant time looking at the costumes stored there, and reminiscing. Jack appears, having spoken to his accountant about selling his interest in the Echo. Jill’s worried about Kenton’s future if Jack is selling his business interests, and she tries to put in a good word for him, but Jack doesn’t pick this up.
  • Alastair returns and apologises to Shula, but she still wants him to climb down and accept David’s offer. A miserable Alastair goes off to walk Scruff.
  • Peggy tries to persuade Jack to shed a few more of his business interests, but he won’t; his employees are his friends, and he won’t think of it. But Peggy is still pushing for him to sell Jaxx and get rid of Kenton.

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