Tom has money problems and Sam has veterinary problems.

Radio Times: Tom calls in his debts.

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  • Susan’s pretensions to gracious living have caused a financial hiccup in the Carter household, though Neil does admit that the dining suite was a bargain. But when Tom asks Neil top repay the loan he made him, Neil says he can’t. He offers £500, but that’s nowhere near enough to pay the feed supplier.
  • Tom spots one of the Brookfield cows in trouble. She’s fallen into a ditch, and can’t get out. Sam tries to ring David, but his mobile’s switched off. He rings the new herd vet, only to be told there’s no-one available to come out. They suggest that he tries Alastair.
  • A concerned Neil hunts for the Echo, which Susan has put out for recycling. He tries to suggest that they might keep an eye open for other work, but Susan’s in no mood to listen. She’s still dreaming of becoming Tom’s PA, and anyway, the Casa Carter carpets need protecting from Neil’s cheese and pickle sandwich.
  • The atmosphere at the stables is still tense, as Shula goes off to her self-defence class. When Sam rings to say that he needs Alastair’s help, Alastair isn’t keen to go, but his concern for the beast overcomes his hurt pride. He finds that she’s fractured her hock, and he has to put her down. Sam tries an awkward apology, but Alastair won’t listen; he just does his job and leaves.

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