Matt forgets something important, and David begins to make amends.

Radio Times: Lilian drops some heavy hints.

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  • Ruth tells Josh all about the Royal Show. Josh thinks they should buy one of the huge tractors Ruth saw. As she gets the children off to school, David goes to see Alastair, to thank him for putting down the injured cow.
  • Matt’s in a flap. His meeting in London has been brought forward, and he needs to find all his papers. He’s so taken up with evil thoughts about Yvette that he completely forgets what’s happening on Friday, which doesn’t go down well with Lilian. After all, it is her birthday.
  • While Shula and Alastair have a rather awkward conversation about the self-defence class, David calls in. That conversation is even more awkward, as he tries to thank Alastair, and Alastair coldly reminds David that he is just a professional vet doing a job. But at least they all have a coffee together.
  • When David gets home, he’s feeling rather better about things, and tells Ruth that he’ll try to find a way of using Alastair again when the sheep or the Herefords need treating. He even thinks that normal relationships are on the way to being restored.

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