Peggy gets her way with Jack, but Tom fails to get his way with Tamsin.

Radio Times: Tom spends beyond his means.

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  • Tom keeps ringing Tamsin’s mobile, but gets no reply. He meets Kenton and Mike building the obstacle course, and Kenton abandons Mike to show Tom the highlights. Mike is not pleased, so Kenton suggests a cup of tea with Jill.
  • Jill and Peggy are working on the costumes for the fete, but Jack’s appearance in a rather confused state cuts the session short. Peggy is cross when she sees Kenton, telling him he has no business leaving Brenda alone at Jaxx.
  • At last Tamsin answers Tom’s call, telling him she’s got a good bonus, so is going out with the other buyers to celebrate at the Sepia Lounge in Felpersham. Tom wangles an invitation, and goes home to change.
  • A tearful Peggy tells Jack she can’t take any more pressure. She’s really worried about Kenton’s attitude to the cafe, and thinks Jack should sell it. He’s eventually persuaded, and agrees to see his solicitor. Poor Jack says that whatever happens, he can’t sell the hotel or the shop; he must have something of his business empire left.
  • Tom finds Tamsin’s colleagues dull, and wants to go back to her place. Tamsin’s a bit distant, and when Tom offers to pay for a round of drinks, she tells him flatly he can’t afford it. Hurt pride forces Tom to take out his credit card, but the machine refuses it. Tamsin tells him firmly it would be better if he left; she’ll see him on Saturday.

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