Ambridge’s new group hits the stage. Alastair hits rock bottom.

Radio Times: Alistair puts his foot down.

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  • Kenton decides to brighten up the village fete by recruiting David and Nigel for an Andrews Sisters tribute band. David puts up endless excuses, but finally Fallon persuades him. The new band goes upstairs at the Bull to practise.
  • After nets Alastair drops in for a pint at the Bull, where Bert puts his foot in it by telling him that the new vet has found Leptospirosis in the herd, and that the entire herd is going to be vaccinated. Even more depressed by the public announcement that he’s forgotten to tell the cricket team that his drug supplier has offered £5 for every six they hit, Alastair goes home to lick his wounds.
  • David quickly falls into his new role and costume, and the act is set to be a great success.
  • Back at the Stables, Alastair tells Shula what Bert has said. He’s terribly bitter, but also starting to doubt himself, and hits the bottle again. Shula mistakenly thinks that Alastair’s coffee with Ruth and David means that he’s accepted David’s offer to look after the Herefords and the sheep; far from it. Alastair accuses Shula of wanting him to belittle himself to keep the Archer tribe happy. But Shula’s had enough, too, and tells Alastair that he’s chosen to wallow in self-pity.

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