Alan and Usha are runners up in the jitterbug contest. Peggy bails Tom out with £3,000.

Radio Times: Ambridge gets into the wartime spirit.

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  • Peggy and Jack find Kenton’s Andrews sisters impression quite amusing at the fete. Daniel is less impressed. The whole fete is pathetic for him. The food is particularly gross. Maybe it’s all the trouble with Alistair refusing to work at Brookfield that’s causing it.
  • Usha does quite well in the obstacle course but Alan’s team is a man down. Tom gets conscripted instead. The Land Girls still win though. But Alan and Usha do better in the jitterbug contest. Runners up! Kenton is a bit concerned to be summoned to a meeting about the cafe with Jack.
  • Tom needs to arrange a business meeting with Peggy too. She agrees to bail him out with his cash flow problem. £3,000 to be paid back in 3 months.

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