Tom’s cashflow seems to be sorted. Jack tells Kenton he’s selling the cafe.

Radio Times: Kenton gets some unwelcome news

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  • Susan is struggling to keep the house clean with all the men around. Neil tries to get her to look on the positive side. Tom pops round but Susan gets rid of him. She’s worried about him asking to repay the loan again – and the state of his shoes!
  • Jack is definitely putting Jaxx on the market. It’s the right decision. Kenton doesn’t know yet but he’s worried it’s going to happen. Lilian is still pretty stressed about the divorce. Yvette won’t be satisfied until she’s ruined Matt. She’s also worried about Matt being in London with the bombings.
  • Tom tells Neil that the cashflow problem is sorted out. But he’s just been to the bank…. He tells Tom not to worry, it won’t happen again. Even Susan says Tom has been happy at the office so maybe everything is alright. And she manages to persuade Neil to start some work on the garden.
  • Jack tells Kenton he’s selling up. Kenton tries to persuade him to keep it on ’til Christmas but Peggy isn’t having any of it. Jack really doesn’t have any choice.

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