Brenda gets a place at University, Eddie’s pig has a litter, Kenton is struggling to find a buyer for the cafe.

Radio Times: Another door opens for Brenda

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  • Brenda and Betty come home to find Neil sitting in their kitchen. Brenda has had some bad news – with Jack selling the cafe she could be out of a job. Then Eddie turns up as a refugee from Susan’s mop too. He’s popped round to say their pig has produced a great litter. But that is surpassed by Brenda getting a place at University.
  • Kenton is really down about Jack selling the cafe after he’s made such a success of it against everyone’s expectations. But there aren’t any options. He can’t turn to Mum and Dad or to Shula. Then he thinks Nigel might be an option but Kathy is doubtful.
  • Eddie sees his new litter as a nice little earner. He and Joe will keep up with all the extra work. But a suggestion is that Neil might help….. And then Eddie comes up with some cheap turf and slabs to help Neil with the garden – and the proposal of moving the shed….
  • Brenda is really excited by her place at University. She is really going to have to start saving now, and will need to find a part time job when she gets there. She’ll miss home but it’s time she moved away.
  • Strangely enough, Elizabeth won’t think of Nigel buying the cafe. Kenton is disappointed. All he wants is to have a decent job and pay his way like any other bloke. Kathy will dump him if he can’t get on. But Kathy says she will stand by him.

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