Alistair agrees to go back to work at Brookfield. Matt gets his divorce but lots of money stayed hidden from the Court.

Radio Times: Alistair eats some humble pie.

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  • Shula has been presented with an ultimatum. Get rid of Scruff or lose her horses. Daniel will be upset – he’s playing up enough as it is. Shula and Alistair never have time to be with him. When they aren’t working they are just yelling at each other. It’s all just rubbish. After a bike ride though, Daniel says he wouldn’t mind if Scruff goes – as long as everything get back to normal. He doesn’t want them getting divorced like his friends at school. Alistair promises it won’t be like that anymore.
  • Lilian is waiting for news from Matt about the divorce hearing. When he did ring, he didn’t say much. She’s had Kenton asking her to buy Jaxx too. Of course she had to turn him down.
  • The cricket team isn’t doing well. Sid wonders what’s happening. He’d have a word with Alistair but where is he? None of the club are getting the sixes to get money from the sponsors. He tries to encourage them.
  • Yvette did pretty well out of the “on the table settlement” but he still had plenty stashed away. She can’t touch him now. It’s history.
  • Alistair realises how what he has been doing has been hurting Daniel. So he finds David at the Bull and takes up his offer of working with the sheep and the Herefords. His pride is hardly the most important thing in the world after all.

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